We are looking for talented and motivated individuals who are interested in developing algorithms for analysis of high-throughput sequence data, computational and statistical methods for challenging problems in human genetics/genomics, implementing software tools and applying these tools to understand human disease.

Graduate and undergraduate students

Ph.D. students in the BISB graduate program and the Ph.D. program in CSE who are interested in doing a rotation or joining the lab are strongly encouraged to contact me. We have a number of research projects involving algorithm development for problems in genome analysis, disease genetics or analysis of high-throughput sequence data. Students are expected to have strong algorithms/statistics/genetics background and excellent programming skills. Masters students in CS who are interested in doing a thesis project are also welcome to contact me.

Undergraduate students enrolled at UCSD and interested in doing research for 8-12 hours per week are welcome to contact me. Please send an email with your CV, information about coursework relevant to Bioinformatics and a brief description of your interests.

email: vibansal (at) ucsd (.) edu
phone: 858-246-1810

School of Medicine Campus, UCSD

Biomedical Research Facility II, Room 2119
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla CA 92093‚Äč

Rady's Children Hospital Campus

Department of Pediatrics
7910 Frost Street, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92123