Open position for Bioinformatics Programmer or Software Developer. We have an open position for a Bioinformatics Programmer to support the lab's computational research. The candidate will contribute to the development and benchmarking of computational methods for variant calling, maintain and update software tools developed in the lab and develop pipelines to analyze large-scale WGS datasets using cloud-based and cluster-based computing environments. For more details, see the description of the position.

Ph.D. students in the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (BISB) graduate program who are interested in doing a rotation or joining the lab are strongly encouraged to contact me. We have a number of research projects available. Dr. Bansal is a member of the Bioinformatics faculty group in the CSE department. Ph.D. and Masters students in the CSE program who are interested in Bioinformatics are encouraged to contact me for research projects. Masters students are expected to have taken some coursework in Bioinformatics.

Prospective students are encouraged to apply to the BISB Ph.D program or the CSE Ph.D. program. Information about research projects for UCSD graduate students is available here

Positions for post-doctoral researchers with background in Bioinformatics or Genomics are available.

Contact Information

office: Biomedical Research Facility II, Room 2119
email: vibansal (at) ucsd (.) edu
phone: 858-246-1810