Vikas Bansal

Vikas Bansal (PI)

Vikas is an Associate Professor in the School of Medicine and an affiliate faculty in Computer Science and Engineering.
email: vibansal AT ucsd DOT edu

Sang Yoon

Sang Yoon Byun

Sang Yoon is a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science PhD program working on variant analysis in low-copy repeats.

Eunjae Park

Eunjae Park

Eunjae Park obtained a MS degree in Data Science from Seoul National University and is now a PhD student in the BISB program.

Previous members

Timofey Prodanov, Ph.D. student in BISB program (2018-2022), Ph.D. thesis, currently a postdoctoral researcher in Marschall lab at Heinrich Heine University, Germany
Ruchir Garg, Masters student in CSE program (2021-2022)
Emily Kobayashi, BISB PhD program (2020-2021)
Peter J Edge, Ph.D. student in CSE program (2015-2019), Ph.D. thesis, currently at 10X Genomics
Mahdi Behroozikhah, Rotation student in CSE Ph.D. program (2018)
Alexander Wenzel, Rotation student in BMI Ph.D. program (2017)
Huma Sibghat, graduate student in Computer Science (Fall 2017)
Daniel Sebastian Pan, graduate student in Computer Science (2016-2017)
Alastair Kilpatrick, postdoctoral associate (2014-2017), currently a Bioinformatician at University of Edinburgh
Ishika Luthra, summer intern from UBC, Canada (Summer 2016)
Nathan Ng, UCSD RSRI scholar (Fall 2014)